Training Programs (Level 1)

The main focus as we transition our athletes into more formalized training methods will be skill development and physical preparation. However, the emphasis will still be on general sports skills suitable to a number of activities as we aim to promote multi-sport athletes at this age. Our goal is to maximize a sensitive time period of accelerated adaptation to skills training and fine motor control. 
The training academy is great additional training to our AE Youth League for players wanting to accelerate their skill set prior to moving towards AE Travel Teams.


On-Court  Training

Training is offered in small groups with focus on ball-handling, shooting, breakdown moves, and finishing.

Off-Court Training

Dryland training is offered by PREPU staff from BC Prep. All training is catered to athlete's age/grade to optimize & maximize full athletic potential.


Program Overview

Level 1- Beginner to Intermediate Skilled Players