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Frequently Asked Questions

About the AYBL

Level 1 - Youth League

What is the AthElite Youth Basketball League (AYBL)?

The AthElite Youth Basketball League better known as the AYBL is our ‘HOUSE’ league offered in all over Surrey & North Delta for players who are beginners to intermediate skill level. The AYBL is offered for grades 3-8 boys & girls. Players are divided into teams for each division to play against one another.

How many locations is the AYBL offered?

We offer the AYBL at 5 different locations in Surrey; Guildford Rec Centre, Cloverdale Rec Centre, South Surrey Rec Centre, BC PREP (our home facility) & Sungod Rec Centre.

How do the different divisions work?

We have different color designated names for each division within the AYBL

  1. White Division (grades 3-4/ages 8-9)

  2. Orange Division (grades 5-6/ages 10-11)

  3. Black Division (grades 7-8/ages 12-13)

Can I make roster/team requests?

We do accept roster requests on a case by case scenario. Roster/team request can ONLY be made after registering for a location, please email “” with your request. Requests are NOT Guaranteed.

Do you offer Boys  & Girls Leagues?

All AYBL locations are listed at Co-Ed but primarily 98% boys. We offered 2 Girls ONLY leagues; Cloverdale Rec Centre-Girls ONLY & BC PREP- Girls ONLY.

Does each team have a designated coach?

No, each team does not have a designated coach. Our philosophy is on FUN and basic skill development. Practices are run camp style & game days will have 2 Coaches per game acting as Coaches/Referees.

I would like to practice more, what can I do to improve my skills?

We strongly advise players with passion & focus for basketball to supplement the AYBL with our Training. Sessions are offered 1x or 2x a week. Please see our “Training” page & attend DA/Travel Team tryouts each season, please see "DA Teams' or 'Travel Teams' page.

What is the next level after the AYBL?

Players with high skill level may be identified by AE staff to attend Travel Team/DA Team tryouts. AE Travel Team/DA program is recognized as the premier program in British Columbia. Travel teams begin at the grade 4 (u10) to u17 (grade 11/12s).

Tryouts are held 2x a year.

Fall (September) & Spring (March)

Please visit our “TRAVEL TEAMS” or "DA Teams" tab on our site for more information.

Our Travel Team program has sent players on scholarships in the United States & Canada. (see ALUMNI page).

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