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Training Classes

Winter Programs (Jan-March)

On-court is offered in small groups with focus on ball-handling, shooting, breakdown moves, finishing, and basketball IQ.

Game Plan

Training Academy


Grades 2-7

Boys & Girls

(Ages 7-13)

Location: Langley

Playing Basketball

Tykes Academy


Grades 1-2

(Ages 6-7)

Location: BC Prep

High School Basketball Game

Training Academy


Grades 3-9

Ages 8-15

Location: BC Prep

Sept - Feb 2024

Friday to Sunday

Time: Vary

$249 Plus GST/mth

Development training academy within the AE DA team program. Players train 3x a week (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday). Games will be scheduled for these groups against our Surrey DA teams.

Winter Session 2024

(Jan - March)

Monday - Friday


$180-$220 Plus GST

An introduction to basketball, the tykes co-ed program will teach basic basketball fundamentals of dribbling, passing and shooting through fun game play. Our main focus is on providing a fun and enjoyable first experience to sport. *Co-ED Program for grade 1 and 2 children
*Please bring your own ball (size 5)

Winter Session 2024

(Jan - March)

Friday - Sunday

(Times Vary)

$300-349 plus GST

Our training methods of skill development and physical preparation for basketball and, essentially all team sports, combines 1 hour of on court individual skill development and 1 hour of dry land training (on the indoor turf) to help build specific body movement in promoting well rounded multi sport athletes. Training is split into ages and skill levels as we aim to challenge all individuals to the best of our ability.

Training Classes Schedule: News & Updates
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