AE Girls Leagues

Step #1: Select your Location

AE Youth Leagues operate 1x hour practice & 1x hour game per week (10 week seasons). We offer Girls ONLY leagues at 2 locations in Surrey; Cloverdale Recreation Center & BC Prep Academy. Cloverdale location is open to grades 2-7. BC PREP is open to grades 2-10. Select your location for further information & league/course numbers. League prices vary from $199-$225 per season.

Cloverdale Recreation Center (Jan 20 - March 24, 2019)

*Grades 2/3 (White Division)
-Practices: Thursdays 400-500pm
-Games: Sundays 300pm, 400pm, or 500pm
-League/course #4637067

*Grades 4/5 (Orange Division)
-Practices: Thursdays 500-600pm
-Games: Sundays 300pm, 400pm, or 500pm
-League/course #4637068

*Grades 6/7 (Black Division)
-Practices: Thursdays 600-700pm
-Games: Sundays 400pm or 500pm
-League/course #4637069

BC Prep Academy (Jan 7 - March 16, 2019)

*Grades 2/3 (White Division)
-Practices: Mondays 445-545pm
-Games: Saturdays 100pm or 200pm
-League/course #166

*Grades 4/5 (Orange Division)
-Practices: Mondays 545-645pm
-Games: Saturdays 100pm or 200pm
-League/course #167

*Grades 6/7 (Black Division)
-Practices: Mondays 645-745pm
-Games: Saturdays 300pm or 400pm
-League/course #168

*Grades 8 (High School Division)
-Practices: Tuesdays 600-700pm
-Games: Saturdays 500pm or 600pm
-League/course #170

*Grades 9/10 (High School Division)
-Practices: Tuesdays 700-800pm
-Games: Sundays 500pm to 700pm
-League/course #171

Step #2: How to Register

Online Registration

*copy & paste the league/course #

  • Cloverdale Rec Center- Click HERE
  • BC Prep Academy- Click HERE

Phone Registration

  • Cloverdale Recreation Center: 604.501.5100 Press #0 (provide league #)
  • BC Prep Academy- 

In Person Registration

  • Surrey Recreation Center: visit any Surrey rec center with league/course #
  • BC Prep Academy- visit us (15358-67 ave)