BC United- Bluestar

We’re extremely proud to announce that Bluestar BC is now re-branded as BC United- Bluestar. Blue Star is the longest running national evaluation and college showcase organization in women’s basketball. We are thrilled to be a Blue Star Travel Team (BSTT). We are honored to be one of only two programs from Canada with this sponsorship and join many of the top American AAU travel teams under the Blue Star banner.

BC United is the Premier Girls Travel Program in British Columbia!

Blue Star originated in 1981 as a series of All-American camps across the country and as an evaluation report and newsletter. As the game grew Blue Star Basketball grew with it and created the nation’s first dedicated girls basketball website in 1996. Blue Star Basketball has been sponsored by Nike since 1998, and continues to support our grassroots effort.

The BC United-Bluestar teams will compete in USJN Events. USJN is one of the longest running organizations in girls’ basketball and has been running tournaments across the U.S. since 1986 as the first privately owned company outside of AAU. Nike has been sponsoring the US Junior Nationals (USJN) since the early 1990’s and has been one of the strongest supporters of girls grassroots basketball in the country..

This partnership will ensure that BC United-Bluestar teams will have:

*Greater NCAA exposure through Blue Star Media
*Increased branding within the recruiting community
*Access to some of the best AAU tournaments throughout the US
*Priority seeding and scheduling for AAU tournaments
*Stronger relationships with other clubs and sponsors already associated with Blue Star Basketball

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Visit our new website (www.bcunitedbasketball.com)